After collaborating with Oscar and the Wolf for the recording of the soundtrack of Adil El Arbi and Bilall Fallah's 'Black', Tsar B now released her own music. Tsar B, which is the nickname of Justine Bourgeus, violinist with School Is Cool and occasional singer with Vuurwerk.


“Otherwordly”, “forward-thinking” and “ominous” are but a few of the descriptions used to describe Tsar B’s unique sound – a twisted mess of threatening violins, off-kilt chord progressions and distorted vocals that recalls fragments of some of alternative pop’s most daring artists. A self-taught producer that finds herself likened to FKA twigs, Björk and M.I.A. by international tastemakers on her debut track Escalate, a list that only expanded more (and already!) in the first few months of her career building up to the release of her critically acclaimed debut EP.


"This girl is from Belgium. Her name is Tsar B. T S A R B. This one's called Escalate. Very, very good. Definitely Björk tones to that voice. Currently unsigned, but I don't think that's gonna last long.”

Annie Mac on BBC Radio 1

“Belgian artist Tsar B’s debut single makes an ominous entrance, with its churning R&B beats, pitched- down effects and sighing vocals that curl around the track like sweet pipe smoke.”

The Fader

vocals & violin - Justine Bourgeus

keys & double bass & backings - Trui Amerlinck

keys & backings - Vik Hardy

drums - Gert Malfliet

© Tina Herbots

© Tina Herbots


© Britt Adams

Ivy Falls is Fien Deman’s band. In her own universe, pastel pink pop and subtle electronics, go side by side. ‘Mean Girls’, Ivy Falls’ first EP, strolls through the flower meadow that seperates bands as Deptford Goth, Wet & Sylvan Esso.


Ivy Falls is Fien Deman’s jump into the unknown. It’s her first solo project, after giving people chills with the orchestral pop of I will, I swear and collaborating with Illuminine and Satin Jackets. “The experience I’ve gained throughout the past years is simply priceless. I couldn’t imagine a better way to learn all I know now.” she explains. Fien’s biggest dream, to release songs of her own, has always been around, but became an actual plan in 2015. “It took a while untill I truly believed I could do it. I used to wait for other musicans to give me input to write, but then I thought: I can do it on my own. This is simply exactly the music I want to make.”


Fien gathered 3 musicans to form this band: Trui Amerlinck (Tsar B), Simon Raman (Steiger) and Xavier De Clercq (Sleepers’ Reign). Especially the latter was an important link piece. "Xavier and I both understand music the same way. Together we translate my ideas into music. I have a leading role, but the sound and input added by the band members, is invaluable. "In the musical landscape that lurks behind Ivy Falls, pastel colors dominate. An aura of careful euphoria surrounds the music. "I hope this music can give some color to gray days. The lyrics are based on my reflections, I look back at was has been while I try to imagine what might come."



vocals - Fien Deman

keys & guitar - Xavier De Clercq

bass guitar & backings - Trui Amerlinck

drums - Simon Raman





© Alexander Popelier


No need to introduce Beverly Jo Scott, but with Satin Dolls she has launched a unique project. In order to celebrate the hundredth anniversary of Billie Holiday, BJ put together a band to pay tribute to the great female voices of jazz and blues. Together with Carmen, her finalist of The Voice Belgique, BJ is covering songs of some of her biggest idols: Billie Holiday, Nina Simone, Dinah Washington, Basie Smith,..

They already played a lot of beautiful shows. In may 2017 they were invited to the festival Jazz à Ouaga in Burkina Faso.



vocals/guitar/percussion - Beverly Jo Scott

vocals - Carmen Araujo Santamaria

guitar - Patrick Deltenre

double bass - Trui Amerlinck


©Santina Vaccalluzzo


In April 2012 An-Sofie Noppe won 'De Muziekklas van Radio 2' in the cabaret genre with the song 'Peperkoeken Hart'. Ever since, she has been focusing on writing her own songs. The band has already played at Dranouter Festival and have been the support act for De Mens.

An-Sofie Noppe released her first full-album in february 2018. She worked with musician and producer Wouter Berlaen to make this album a masterpiece. The sound is more solid and she worked on new ways of expressing herself.


The summer of 2018, they performed at Dranouter Festival with the new full band.

They had a blast!

Read the interview with An-Sofie here.



vocals & keys - An-Sofie Noppe

guitars - Mattie Archie

drums & backing vocals - Anke Verslype

voila & backing vocals - Esther Coorevits

bass & backing vocals - Trui Amerlinck


TRVI, the brand new project of double bass player Trui Amerlinck takes you on a trip along curved melodies and unmoved grooves. She previously shared the stage with all kind of artists but now she feels ready to grab her bass and the microphone and tell her own story. TRVI is a band with five brilliant musicians who collaborate in the search for the hidden plot.



double bass & vocals - Trui Amerlinck

piano - Karel Cuelenaere

sax & flute - Rob Banken

trombone - Peter Delannoye

drums - Simon Raman

© Sybren Vanoverberghe

© Sybren Vanoverberghe


Another String Quartet aka ASQ was formed in January 2016. They performed already in different contexts and with different musicians. ASQ is the string quartet of Tourist LeMC with which they played at the MIA's, Lotto Arena and Paradiso. Currently they're touring with the play of Ish Ait Hamou.

Their repertoire includes both classical and pop arrangments whereby the girls are often asked for marriages and other festivities.



violin - Charlotte Verdoodt

violin - Ciska Vandelanotte

viola - Katrien De Munter

cello - Trui Amerlinck

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